I can’t say for sure how many purchases I’ve returned, but they are leaving me disheartened with the whole on-line thing! I do pay attention to returns policies when making purchases, so no surprises or bad experiences so far, but gosh, I hate the ‘fail’.

Of the 27 items in my ‘New in 2022’ capsule, 5 (see Finds below) are from on-line shopping. Each was from a different vendor:

beanie - Anian
pants - Lululemon
fisherman’s sandals - Hudson Bay
Converse sneakers - Marks Work Wearhouse
peacoat - Nordstroms.ca (NAS purchase)

Otherwise, 15 items were purchased at B&M and 7 from B&M charity/thrift shops.

Today I returned 2 more on-line purchases - a white cotton button-down shirt, and a part wool winter coat. Both were due to fit and quality issues, but mostly quality issues I would have detected if I had been able to see and feel the items. Even if the coat had fit, I would have had to return it, because the plastic security tag was still attached!! What’s with that?!

DH and I will be undertaking our annual November shopping spree at Yorkdale Mall next month, and then I think I’ll pack it up until 2023. I’m almost sure that I’m going to make a commitment to ‘Second Hand First’ for 2023.

Where have you sourced your 2022 clothing aquisitions?