A super fab outfit! Is the pattern for your top from one of the Big 4? I think I have it or one that is similar, I'll have to get it out of my stash and attempt to stitch it up!

The Birks look great on you. I have never been able to wear them, I walk right out of Birks

As Sharan's sewing buddy, I can answer your question, Karie. The pattern is from The Sewing Workshop. It's called "Odette and Ivy" and is a wonderful pattern to let your creative juices flow as Sharan's photos illustrate.

Oh, my goodness, you guys, thanks for all the enthusiasm!

Heather.enhiu and Karie, I think you would like the Odette pattern. It looks complex, but it goes together easily. I did make some alterations, to shorten the length between shoulder and bustline on me.

Elizabeth P, thanks for adding the Mephisto recommendation. That's a good one. Naot, too, has some narrower footbeds (which don't work for me at all).

Brooklyn, thanks! The lighter mauve fabric is actually a little check with some sagey green in it.

kkards, I see this style as a kind of Birkenstock-lite.

Aliona and Donna, thank you! I'm glad the length looks good on the jeans. It's fun to have a new silhouette to mix things up.

LisaP, I'm smiling that you think the Birkies look organic to my style--that makes me happy-- and chuckling at your comment about a "starter pair."

Rachy, Birkenstocks are a big part of what you called "native wear," aren't they? Now that you've moved to a different neighborhood, maybe that's no longer the case?

JAileen, I'll be trying my Birkenstocks with shorts this summer. I'm wondering if they still look current with skirts and dresses, as Angie noted back in 2014.

Barbara, thanks for inspiring me to get out that Odette pattern, btw.

Una, Ledonna, Sara, Colette: thank you!

You're right. Birkies are completely native wear. And it's also true in my new neighborhood, what you see is serious walking shoes when people go anywhere. It's hilly.

I love that jacket and how you have paired it with the assymetrical shirt... it's gorgeous.

I love the jacket, and I think the crops are more than JFE. Great casual look!

And I have the same style Birkenstocks, except in silver, and they are my summer workhorse. I hope these work just as well for you.

Aha, Rachylou--I had it right!
Thanks, Sally!
High five, Dee!