Personally, like a few others here who raised their voice in the blog comments today - I am VERY happy to see the back of Athleisure on the catwalks. Athleisure was my least favourite trend (probably of all time), and I never wore it. I am the gal who cannot get out of her yoga clothes fast enough. I intensely dislike wearing gear of any description.

Note: Sporty Luxe is NOT Athleisure. Spoty Luxe means the juxtaposition of DRESSY outfit elements with Sporty detailing. I like and wear Sporty Luxe from time to time.

Generally, my clients and friends LOVE the Athleisure trend, and it's a favourite with most of them. And the world - especially the US - LOVES Athleisure, and was wearing it before it became a huge fashion trend. Athleisure merchandise is EVERYWHERE. I cannot think of a more ubiquitous look in stores or on the street. As a result, retailers will continue providing the look because it sells exceptionally well. So don't worry if you're an Athleisure fan because you will be in very good company.

And if sneakers are your thing - I will ALWAYS fully support happy feet.

For those who are not into Athleisure, we will have a larger variety of non-athletic items to choose from. It's all good.