Most of the items that I had to reorder from Old Navy came today. (I have a UPS driver that likes to send my packages back...grrr!)
I have one more swimsuit coming, and the denim top I wanted sold out so I ordered something similar from Target.

I am keeping the zebra print swimsuit. It fits well, and since it's a very creamy off white background, it looks good on me. I now have two swimsuits that fit well- I'm excited!

The dark green tank dress is another big win. I love it and am keeping that as well. (the hickory colored one was disappointing. I tried one size in store and it was a little too tight, but the next size up is WAY too big!)

I ordered both the Celestine color and the Neutral Stripe of the linen henley top. I wanted the celestine to work, but it was just too yellow and wasn't flattering on me. The stripe one is, but I am trying to decide if I want to keep it or not. These are short, so they don't work with everything and the stripes limits it more....but short sleeve tops are something that I always need more of and I do have several things I could wear it with.

I think I am going to keep the camo pants. I don't have a light neutral work pant for winter (other than light gray), and this would fill that gap.

The Romper
I ordered the brown color, which now seems sold out online (not the beige pictured in finds)
What can I say? I am still on the fence. I love the color. I love the ease of it, and could see myself wearing it a lot on weekends. I think that SoonToBeMrCS would like this, too. The cons are that it isn't conventionally flattering and that it takes a bit of a shrug to get it off my shoulders. Still deciding...
I should have taken pics when I tried it all on, but I wasn't thinking about it.
Love to hear any opinions on the pieces I am still deciding on- will post pics when I get a chance....