I had to return some pants to Old Navy, and I picked up a few things-
the yellow striped shirt in finds, I already have in two other colors but I got this a size smaller as well. I don't currently have an mustard yellows in my wardrobe, but it's a good color for me.
I got the brown shorts in Finds as well‐ trying to expand my shorts capsulefrom just denim
I also got the briwn dress in Finds, which I LOVE. I think this dark brown dress will be my replacement for a black summer dress this year. It's comfortable and flattering, and a much better color on me.
I also ordered some things to try (all in Finds):
a few swimsuits (went yo the beach yesterday and realized how badly I need new ones)
a couple tank dresses (something I have been searching for)
and another short sleeve top in three different colors.
I will probably only keep a few of those items, but I haven't found them in store to try.