In the spirit of accountability I’m going to be honest. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit this fall and ordered above my budget (not too much but still) and without critical thought. Browsing is just such an easy distraction from the distress of the pandemic and current lockdown and in all things I’ve found it hard to remain disciplined. I know that hearing from you guys brings me joy so I hope this is of some interest to you too.

Three themes cover the whole of my October-November shopping: second-hand, accessories and eggplant.

A lilac cardigan was on my list. This second-hand (non-returnable) one is more summer weight it turns out so I hope it will come in handy next year and I can inject some color into spring.

A fur collar was also on the list, to be worn with this black sweater (1). This handmade Etsy collar is nice and soft; I wonder if it’s too glam/Siberian for my style though.

A mixed color crossbody bag: it arrived, I really liked it, I assembled it (O-bags are delivered in parts which can be exchanged) and only then did I see that it was too small to contain my essentials. Couldn’t return it, would never wear it, so up it went for resale …

Printed scarf: somehow I got obsessed with finding a scarf that contained several of my core colors. Didn’t find any winter scarves I liked but I did get this summer scarf off the second-hand site with some credit.

Silver alpaca scarf: bought as a real treat from a neighborhood store with sustainable goods – before the shops closed again. I walked in and my eye got caught immediately by the amazing sheen of this silvery grey alpaca wool. It is so super light, warm and soft... Very convenient as a wrap in my home office too. I couldn’t think of any better way to treat myself AND support local vendors so I decided it was worth the little splurge …

Aubergine cropped balloon pants: then in November I got convinced my wardrobe needs more eggplant. Even though I may not technically NEED these hardly flattering pants I find them fun in an unexpected way. Also unexpected: I liked them best when worn with either oversized toppers for a full on slouchy look (2, 6, 7), or with something bodycon on top (3, 4) – whereas I usually go for the happy medium of ‘fitted’ (5). What do you think?

Aubergine hat and scarf: and then to create a full on aubergine complement I ordered this hat and scarf. The mélange color makes them easier to wear near my face. I did want to add a matching scarf and hat this year in a color that went with my seafoam coat, and these fit the bill so I’m gonna say impulse purchase well done.

All in all, only the crossbody bag was a true miss. Yet the printed scarf, lilac cardigan and fur collar can still go either way. This for someone who wants a clutter-free wardrobe. So for what’s left of my December budget I’m going to be extra critical - and probably prioritize returnable goods …

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