Brooklyn, what a frightening time you had. I am so glad that your DH is recovering . If there is still any mystery about his collapse, ha e him get a blood test. A friend's DH collapsed in the shower and got badly cut on the glass from the shower walls. He had type 2 diabetes and did not know it. A blood sugar problem caused the collapse.
Your new items look gorgeous on you. The idea of a Byzantine theme for winter is a great idea

Wow. Petrifying. So pleased he is OK. Thank goodness for travel insurance.
And for hotels.
I think I totally get returning the riding jacket. Sometimes you don't want reminding of certain days and times if you don't have to.
I am glad you think you have some great Australian brands that are not emulated there. I feel the same about some NZ brands. I remember it feeling a bit strange in San Francisco in 2013 when I had admiring comments about my clothing eg "Where do you get these clothes?" I replied "Um, which bit?" and the smartly dressed woman is like "All of it!"
You look gorgeous in the new stuff. I really like the jeans outfits.

Gorgeous choices, always love to see your style, Brooklyn.

What is it with husbands becoming desperately unwell when travelling? A reminder that travel is both fun and stressful. Last big trip that we took, my poor DH came down with a terrible flu. He was unwell in bed for days, and says that certain parts of the trip, he has no memory of at all!

Seriously terrifying.

...but you did the important thing when one visits NYC: shop (!)

Ohmigoodness. Thank god y'all are all right!!

Your purchases are so perfect for you, as always.

I am so immensely sorry for that virus to hit your husband at all, and then on an international trip. I travel with college students every summer and of course, this is always my biggest worry.

If I may ask: How did it work out with insurance? Did you have travel-insurance and if yes, is it covering (all) the cost? Or does your regular Australian healthcare pick up some of it? US healthcare costs are through the roof!
Some of my students purchase travel-insurance and some just rely on their home-insurance to kick in should something happen.

Advice regarding how the hotel phone works is well taken, thank you!

OMG, this was really stressfull, poor boy(and you, of course!!) Hope hubby is doing good again!
Love all your purchases, but the peruvian dress is my fave!:-)

That is frightening about your husband Brooklyn. Good advice about the hotel phone. I just ignore them. It is always stressful to get sick when you or someone you are with are traveling.

Love the first outfit. You look so elegant in the burgundy. Smart to buy something you like when you see it. Zara stock is different everywhere. I also have admired those EF sandals.

Thanks everyone.

Shevia, the ambulance officers said that there was a virus going around. I wonder if both our husbands got it?

And Chiara, you too? It’s so disappointing on a holiday, but at least we could just bunker down at the hotel.

Joy, thanks. They did check that out on the night. They didn’t think it was a blood sugar issue. But I will insist that he have a check up. I am so glad that he didn’t hit his head in the shower.

Chouette22, we do have travel insurance. We haven’t claimed yet but we expect to get most of the expenses back (minus an excess). Given the high cost of medical care in the US, we always take out travel insurance, even though we theoretically get free insurance through our credit card (I am never game enough to rely on that). I don’t think our Australian health insurance would cover it, but maybe it’s different in other countries. I hope we don’t have any problems because it was expensive. But not as bad as it could have been eg if he had needed emergency surgery.

Rachy, yes, all was not lost. I had to shop to save the holiday

Thank you Brooklyn, glad to hear that at least this won't be a big worry. My family from Europe is visiting us in the US right now and they just took off for a short road trip this morning. I told them to always find out how the hotel phone worked!

Glad your Hubs is doing better & so sorry your trip was disrupted in a stressful way like that. I echo the love for you in burgundy.

Oh, how scary, Brooklyn. Glad to hear he's feeling better.

Love your new acquisitions. Those tunic tops are beautiful.