Not a What I Bought (since I didn't buy any clothes on this trip), but a What I Brought!

This was for a five-day trip to NYC, temps from 0 - 10 Celsius, some rain. We took the Amtrak down, and all travel once we arrived was by foot (averaged about 15 km/day, pretty remarkable with a 9yo and a 12yo in tow) or by subway. I packed everything in a newish (last year) 30-liter travel pack. I love it! Enough room for everything, but not too big to use as a daypack once you get where you're going.

The two-layer coat (a waterproof shell and Nanopuff liner) really pulled its weight; it was so perfect for these temps and conditions. I hemmed and hawed over whether to bring two pairs of boots, or boots plus sneakers. I went with the warmer/dryer option since I run cold, especially hands and feet. I was perfectly comfortable, but would have been fine with a pair of sneakers too.

My 12yo niece approved of my sporty little "sac banane" (a much better name than fanny pack!). DH and I took turns carrying a daypack with kid snacks, water, and extra layers.

Everything was worn at least once, most of it two or three times. Could have left either the jeans or khakis at home, along with either the vest or the cardi, but everything fit and it's fun to have options! I would've been fine with one pair of shoes, but absolutely wanted the backup in case I got caught in heavy rain and ended up with soaked feet.

Not shown: one set of sleep clothes (shorts + tee) and my insulating baselayers (silk long johns and merino cami). Also: navy blue knit gloves and a handknit beanie in an amber-colored wool/silk yarn (I really need to get a photo of this one to add to Finds; it's so yummy). Palette might be too neutral/solid for some, but between the patterned scarf, golden beanie, and colorblock bag, I never felt boring! Any more color/pattern elements and I would have felt too busy.

The newest items I brought with me are the sweater vest and the heather grey ribbed top, both purchased in January. Five of the items (the jeans, the cognac boots, the two jackets, and the black ribbed top) were bought in 2022, the black joggers in 2020, and everything else between 2016-2019.

Overall, I was really satisfied with this travel capsule. I can't think of anything I would change!