Great stories - I'd love to see Heidi Klum (and hubby would definitely recognize her, we have watched all of Project Runway)!

My daughter went on a trip to NY as a Freshman in high school and called me all excited because she got a picture with Ryan Sheckler, a famous skateboarder who of course I had no idea who he was.

As for me, I was an exchange student in Finland and was in the crowd scenes of the movie Red, so came this close to Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton.

Stood next to Cary Grant in a Los Angeles JC penny cosmetic department in 1978.
He was with is young daughter (12 ish maybe). And the nanny/ girlfriend. They were looking for Halloween make up for his daughter, she was attending a party.

The most elegant , beautiful ,gracious ,kind and humble man I have ever seen in my entire life ......been in love ever since.
He was wearing gorgeous suit....I’m still a sucker for a well dressed man.

Also walked past Gene Wilder on the streets of Los Angeles ...he was very short and very much a red head as I recall .

Oh Taylor, Cary Grant...... my favourite Golden Hollywood hero. What a lovely story.

I lived near Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward, we would see them at the local grocery store all the time. I never wanted to stare, but remember the first time looking at them because they looked familiar, it took a moment to remember where from and not that they were people that I had met before.

I forgot another sighting - years ago - Rock Hudson. We flying back from Mexico, and he was sitting on the aisle, in coach. We all had to walk by him.

I saw Kirk Douglas at the Mandarin Hotel in HK in the '70s.

Actually, celebs ARE hard to recognize on the street. Especially in casual clothes and sunnies.

i've rubbed elbows (literally) with hillary clinton

sighted bernie sanders and sheryl sandberg in the same night at the same resto
attended a play with rachel brosnahan in which alan cumming was naked on stage
saw hilary swank and her beau in an ice cream shop
attended a 6th grade graduation with ben affleck where he pretended to be normal and everyone else pretended he was normal
gave an honorary degree with charles woodson
met alfred taubman (developer of the first shopping mall)

my sister and jennifer garner are moms in the same brownie troop. apparently she is very down to earth.

I have had a few sightings. The most recent was in NYC. DTwin and I crossed paths with Mikhail Baryshnikov. He was wearing a black trench coat.
Our area is home to several well known people during the summer months and a place to visit for others. Over the years I have seen Barbara Bel Geddes ( wearing a floral blouse, blue cardigan and a pearl necklace), John Travolta ( Ray Bans on the top of his head and a big smile.....sorry......I don’t remember his clothing ) and Robert Redford ( a plaid cotton shirt and jeans). His daughter went to college nearby). Martha Stewart is frequently seen at local markets when staying at her summer home. I have met a few Rockefellers and Astors at charity events. Years ago, DD waited on Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close ( not on the same night). There have been reported sightings of many others, but I have not personally seen them. I missed out on a Patrick Swazey sighting by just a few minutes. Drat.
I have been fortunate to meet several people who are well known for their businesses or their philanthropy and been invited to their homes, through the work that DH does for them. After summer cottages are built, or renovated, it is customary to have a “ thank you” celebration, inviting everyone who worked on the project to attend. I must say that every single person I have met at these functions has been incredibly kind, humble and gracious. One person gave an annual 4th of July event for years complete with food, bands, guest appearances and performances by recording artists and a fireworks show that rivaled Disney World’s.
My favorite visit was to the home of the owners of Campbell Soups and Godiva Chocolates. Lovely people and an equally lovely spread of food, including, of course, multiple tiered serving pieces filled with Godiva chocolates. It. Was. Heavenly. And filling........

April, I blanked out. I have seen many celebrities at NYFW:

  • Susan Sarandan
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Marisa Hargitay
That's all I can remember before my next cuppa...

This is completely illogical, but it seems more exciting to see someone IRL in a regular setting like a grocery store than to see them IRL at a fab event known to draw the famous.

Like, I used to work for a company that participated in the New York Winter Antiques Show. ALL the rich and famous attend that one, but seeing celebs there wasn't as awesome, because it was expected.

Now, seeing them buying bagels at the deli...

Yes. Agreed. Harder to recognize though.

I've run into a few athletes who happen to be working out at the same venue while visiting friends or family in the area. Most of the time I'm surprised by how physically small they seem compared to their-larger-than-life persona.

My Aunt had the best story about going to New York in the 60s and being on the elevator with RICHARD BURTON. He asked her politely if he could look at her newspaper for the racing scores.

Another friend of mine rode the elevator (in her Chicago high rise in the 80)s with Sean Connery. She said he was very chatty and friendly and a part of her was DYING.

I lived in NYC for about 6 years and don't remember seeing anyone! But I can pass my own kids on the street without noticing. Same with friends. I am always completely startled when they call my name. I know for certain I regularly see well known Israelis and don't notice them either, even after DH or someone else points them out. Not sure what that is about!

Shevia - don't feel too badly. I once went home from college in the 80s (with a new drastic haircut) and my mother walked right past me in the airport. She didn't recognize me until several long moments after I touched her on the arm and said, "Mom - it's me."

I’m like Shevia,we ll walk pass some one famous in London and the husband is hyperventilating and hissing at me as to who it was but I haven’t even noticed and if I do l always think it’s a person who looks like a famous person rather than the actual celebrity.My favourite celeb story is about a women who unbeknownst to her met the queen whilst out horse riding near one of the queens estates.She remarked to her majesty that she thought she bore more than a passing resemblance to the queen to which the queen replied,”how very reassuring”.Rather quick of her madge I thought.