It is crazy to think that 2020 is almost over and the collection below is near complete for this year's additions. I added two new items this month, bringing the year-to-date total to fourteen. For November I added a slip dress (statement) and replaced a worn-out Breton tee (essential). 

Other thoughts:

1. Spark of life. I've only worn the new slip dress a couple of times, but its many styling options have added a much-needed spark of fun and interest. I'm finding I get way more pleasure and joy out of a black piece in a new silhouette than I do out of adding something colorful. 

2. Unexpected inspiration. We've been watching behind-the-scenes documentaries on Disney Plus recently, and I've been surprised to find myself noticing and being inspired by what the many female directors, producers, and behind-the-scenes creatives are wearing...much more than the more public-facing actors and celebrities. These are mostly women around my age, living in my city, and working in offscreen creative capacities. I see a lot of clothing that's urban and practical, but also stylish and individual.

3. Gorgeous weather. This is the best season for dressing in Los Angeles. 50s every morning, 70s every afternoon, and it will likely stay this way until the too-long summer arrives again. 

4. Lockdown. The lockdown restrictions keep getting tighter and tighter, but most of the things they're now prohibiting (outdoor dining, multi-household gatherings, non-essential travel) are things we never did anyway. It feels like old hat now and, while I'd definitely rather see the numbers improving, I'm feeling heartened that an end is near.

Some WIWs from the past month. Nothing really spectacular. Just comfort and wearing the heck out of my things.

1. My Jamie and the Jones embroidered tee top with ponte pants. The top feels special but also practical and easy-to-wear.

2. New slip dress with a pullover sweater over.

3. New Warp and Weft jeans. Older Tolani silk tunic, tucked.

4. Pure home uniform. Eileen Fisher jumpsuit with my inside-only ballet flats.

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