I agree! The Hudson booties are fab! I like the idea of some metallic sheen. It adds a bit of pizazz that is missing from the suede.

i own the mark fisher's yommie in black...not edgy, but the metal on the toe cap adds a little drama...and they're 50% off. i do think the lace up booties (2nd find) have a some edge, but may not work with the pants you showed (also 50% off)...the ED bootes aren't edgy, but somehow i thought they felt like your style...and the last pair are just becuase i thought they were fun

Okay. Then La Ped, return these boots and find a pair that pulls at your heart strings in a more exceptional way.

I have two more comments after reading through ...

1. re: velvet and brocade - you'd be surprised at how resilient these are in less than perfect weather. For starters, most are not a true velvet but something a little less plush and refined which allows them to be brushed off and dried off easily . I wear mine all the time, in snow and damp - and they do not show it at all. In fact, they are better for staying fresh-looking than any suede boot.

2. re: navy - you needn't worry about having a one-note new pair of boots purchased specifically for these pants.....I find I wear my navy boots (and I have 3 pair now) with just about everything. They are my go-to's when wearing jeans, and they really perk up a pair of black or olive pants too.

lisa p, that is good to know about textiles for footwear; I won't cross it off the list entirely. And I'm totally with you on ink/navy footwear -- if I can find the right silhouette, I'll wear them with just about everything.

Ah, kkards, I actually did try the MF Yommis right away when they went on sale. I really like the toe cap. They looked really good with the wide leg pants, but the ankle opening was a bit odd and gaping on me -- common issue with chelseas, I guess -- again, I don't think I would have worn them with any of my cropped pants, or with dresses. Also, I still feel weird about myself in pointy toes. I fear I veer a little too far into "elf" territory in a lot of pointed-toe boots. And my feet really don't need to be any longer in relation to my short self.

That said, I'm obsessing over these rather pointy Coach boots: https://www.coach.com/coach-bo.....B&

Glitter suede! Completely out there, for me at least.

Just wanted to add that I totally agree: if you feel they are boring, you should hold out for a pair that you like better. Sometimes it's not just about meeting all the criteria, or maybe you haven't listed an important criterion (like overall appeal).
I felt the same way about a faux-SE Petty boot that I picked up a few years ago. I took it back. It seemed they were a great deal, until I realized they just weren't "me," as much as I liked them on others here on the forum.

Firecracker -- I think you've nailed it when you mention a missing criterion. It's easy for me to fall into the trap of judging pieces, especially dressier ones, in terms of their "acceptability" without taking into consideration how "me" they are. Finding "me" pieces that aren't extremely casual is hard!

I am also looking for ankle boots and realising how fussy I am with the details. I think you should leave these ones, they don't seem quite right for you.

They tick some of the boxes but not the "love/sparking joy" one which is almost the most important. I usually regret things I buy just because they tick the boxes.

I am looking for black, low heel but not completely flat, work appropriate, higher shaft, not suede or nubuck, a good ankle fit, and a refined toe shape that is still comfortable. And minimal hardware on them. I can find the shape I like in suede, or the ankle shaft but the heels are too high....

OMG. Now WHY did you have to link me to those brilliant Coach chelsea boots? Those are AMAZING!!!! I think I need them. I really think I need them.

Those glitter Coach boots are everything. Sigh.

The pair in the OP are obviously not making your heart sing, and if you're buying for those particular pants and nothing else you won't wear them. It's worth holding out for something more versatile like, for instance, the Sarto's or the Hudson's upthread, which have a bit more character and attitude.

I should disclose one of my personal biases though. I very rarely shop purposefully for "the perfect <blank>" any more, because invariably I end up with something so Platonically ideal it's frankly boring. I have more success defining an abstract problem and keeping an eye out for an unexpected solution.

Holy crap. Do I ever need/want/don't care those Coach boots . And the charm dangling off the back? I'm dead.

One click and that takes care of that. Not available in any sizes other than 37. Just saved myself $400.

The Coach boots already sold out in my size too; thank goodness as they are a bit too spendy for me right now. But they are on my stalk list! You never know what'll come up on eBay or the RealReal... or what might crop up next season. One more brand to keep my eye on. It hadn't even occurred to me that Coach made shoes!

Approprio, I agree with you on trying not to think in terms of platonic ideals. Style challenges always make me feel like I'm solving an equation with multiple possible values for x, and honestly it gets headache-inducing so I try to narrow my focus from time to time. In this case, the solution needn't be dark blue or an ankle boot, but that seemed like the best place to start in terms of how I'd like to wear them. But yes, I'm still contemplating oxfords and loafers, pumps and mary-janes, burgundy and pewter, and maybe even the right black or grey if the details are just right and very special... I think I'm going to be fairly firm on the 1.5" heel because going much higher is rarely comfortable and I'd have to let out the hem on those particular pants, much lower and I might as well wear the shoes I've already got.

Hm, well, someone is selling many sizes on Poshmark though they aren't returnable.

I’m on the coach “coach”
Love the pointy toe!

It's my size -- and Lisa, on sale!!

I'm now also really keen on a wallet I saw on the site. No duty on CAD orders!!

Well for a comforting story, which sort of goes with what Approprio said... I was kind of looking for some boots in a cobalt in 2015 and maybe even the year before. Whenever I went in a shoe shop I looked. I looked on lots of websites, somewhat vaguely... nothing was quite right. I tried a pair on- bad fit. Then one day when not looking, there were these with $100 off. Not in my size in that store but in one across town. So off I went across town, bought them, and they're at 45 wears. Lightning might strike, you know?

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