I don't think I am going to shop Nordstrom Rack online anymore. I placed an order on October 31st and the items still have not shipped. Their website says that it is taking 7 to 10 days for an order to ship. In this day and age of Amazon.com, 7 to 10 days seems utterly ridiculous to me. I wouldn't dare consider Nordstrom Rack for Christmas shopping because who knows when it might actually get delivered (January 2017?).

I know I had perceived Nordstrom Rack as being a great place to find bargains and such, but I am seriously rethinking that strategy. I am starting to look more closely at Macy's. I have found several great buys at Macy's in 2016 and their shipping times are more reasonable.

I stopped shopping online at Belks for the same reason. I just felt their online game wasn't up to par and there were better outlets.

All very valuable information.