I thought it might be fun, considering that most of us have had our first year with the YLF, to say what our fashion and shopping strategies in the next year will be.

Here are mine. The first three are quite connected.

1. I have decided to seriously cut down on my shopping, due to many different factors. I have a lot of clothing, and it is very rare that I actually need something, there are just things that I want. So I am setting myself a fairly small monthly budget and that's it. The only exception is money earned from consigning my old clothes, and maybe a smaller part of my tax refund.

2. Within that budget, I will try to buy less items but of greater quality, and wear them more often. I actually plan to do something which Angie advised at some point, which is to get one beautiful investment item every season and wear it a lot.

3. And I shall only buy things if they are absolutely perfect ( or can be made so with a small alteration). The Gap micro check pants really made me learn my lesson, especially after I found those COHs.

4. I will try to buy more blouses, but the kind that I can actually wear to work ( no shiny silk). Small accessories ( necklaces, belts, scarves) are another area in which I could improve my current collection.

Your turn now!