Supermodel fabness! What a fantastic job perk!

The clothes really suit you so well Firecracker! I love that you were able to create so many different outfits with those pieces and it sounds like with the extra ones you added you will be able to do so much more. I'm glad you are enjoying the new job too - can't beat that, fashion you love in a job you love!

What a fabulous work wardrobe! I especially love the harem pants and grey vest.

You look so fancy!

What a great collection of looks! You look arty and edgy and very you. I'm glad you like your new job.

My goodness! What a nice bunch of activity to return to this evening. You are all so kind--thank you.
Staysfit, thank you for your perseverance in commenting. I'm thinking maybe the dog ate your original post? (Like the proverbial "dog ate my homework" excuse, right?) Or it's hanging out with all those odd socks that don't emerge from the dryer.

Love! These are fab on you

This company is worth joining just for the Fab pieces.
I hope you enjoy the job and keep posting your work-outfits.

I came late to the party, but I am so jealous. WOW. It is like they were custom made for you.

These outfits really suit you, Sharan. More minimal than your typical look, perhaps, but I can see that exploring this part of your persona is freeing and fun, and you look terrific.

I love the gray sweater!

I love your entire look, your vibe! Kind of samurai, somehow. Or vaguely reminiscent of Star Wars episodes 1-3 (I'm seriously geeking out here). You're the woman that everyone notices when you walk in the room!

These clothes look like they were custom tailored for you. I love all of the outfits.

I hadn't ever noticed this before, but you remind me of the actor, Christine Baranski. You have a similarly piercing gaze

This line was made for you. I love it, I am so jealous, but it just wouldn't be the same on my chubby little body.

Wow Sharan...seems like this job (and the uniform) were made just for YOU! This capsule is right up your style look awesome!

Wow. I don't have anything new to add that hasn't been said. You look incredible. I know nothing of this brand but am gonna to head off to take a look as soon as I submit this comment.

Btw: your hair looks gorgeous. I remember your thread a little bit ago abt your style and the subsequent updated look. It's really awesome on you.

Beth Ann, yes, it's definitely more minimal than my usual. Usually (outside of work, now), you'll find me in a print t-shirt. I've often admired more minimal looks, so you're right--it's fun to explore.

La Belle, I had to Google Christine Baranski, and I definitely see the resemblance--in the eyes, as you noted, but also in the short-nose-long-face proportions, something I don't see that often.

DonnaT, thank you for the compliment! I beg to differ with you, though--I think these styles flatter a lot of different body types.

Thank you, Maneera!

Lady, thanks for your compliment on my hair, too. I'm enjoying it again now, too. I think I got past another awkward phase in the grow-out. It's so tempting to chop it off during those moments.

Wow, congrats on the job (I missed so many things here)! Fabulous capsule, you look great in all pieces and may I also add that your hair is amazing at this length. I also find the colour and those curls go particularly well with the pieces you have in this capsule, balancing the architectural look and strong, clear lines of the dark clothing.

And another wow for - Oska. I have one dress form them that makes me feel so special when I wear it. Spectacular construction - minimal but so interesting and it totally rewired my brain with regards to HOW I want to feel in my clothes.

These clothes look so great on you, and I love the way you've combined them! Number 1 is my favorite, but I love them all. What fun!

Ornella, thank you for your thoughtful comments! You probably have an OSKA store nearby, as there are quite a few of them in their home country. I know what you mean about the feel of these clothes. I've written on the forum about how important the feel of my clothing is to me, how comfort is so key to making an outfit work for me. It's a combination of fit, fabrication, construction, and style, and it's not easy to achieve.

JenniferAnne, thank you for chiming in!

OK! Now I am curious: How did you select these particular pieces among the options available? You've done an excellent job with the styling (I am especially fond of all the chunky silver jewelry you've got going on). The pinstripe pants are delicious! And all of these look like they'd blend with your usual wardrobe as well -- so if you needed a little extra zing I'm sure you'd be able to wear a piece of your own along with these to work and still be perfectly styled. LOVE the idea of getting to play with the minimalist capsule for work, but not having to extend that to the full wardrobe. Whew! I can't at all picture you with a minimal wardrobe

Aida, it wasn't easy choosing the 6 pieces, as there were many that I loved. I used the capsule principle, insisting (in my mind) that every top worked with every bottom. And I would say I pretty much built the capsule from the pants. I came up with the chalk-stripe pants, the light gray blouse, and the marled gray vest outfit. And I loved the cozy washed-wool harem pants. Then I really, really wanted the navy wide-legs, so even though they seemed harder to mix into a capsule with the other pants, I persevered. Initially I thought I would end up with a light-teal-blue and brown wardrobe, but that's not the direction my pants choices led me! You're right--these pieces do mix really well with a lot of my wardrobe, but I'll stick with the company clothes for work (I'm pretty sure that's the expectation, and it certainly keeps things easy).

*nodnod* Makes sense. I like the addition of the navy for a little depth. Black, gray, white and navy is a fabulously serene neutral palette that can easily go low or high contrast. Since you're sticking with this capsule for work I'd say it was very smart to insist that each top work with each bottom! Maximize the outfit options among very streamlined options.