Last year I got the Sweaty Betty racerback dress in black--only color offered then. For me it seemed like a good choice even though black is not a great face color on me. The sporty racerback style shows a lot of skin, so not too overwhelming face-wise, and can be worn with white or bright T's or toppers, and I had some casual footwear that worked.

Though I wore it only a few times last year (pandemic limitations on occasions), and hope to wear it more this year, I saw it as a neutral and good travel item, swim/beach/holiday, due to the travel-worthiness of the synthetic, quick-dry, black, dress up/down. I already had a black racerback bra which is exactly aligned with the dress--one of the things that led me to buy it, as I didn't have to shop for underpinnings. Also it can function as a midi-skirt look when worn with a top or sweater over.
Anyway, this year it showed up again and first they added hot pink, then navy (shout out to Angie!) , which has been sold out in my size) and now a green, which looks gray-green and I might be able to wear.

But--I'm not planning to duplicate ! (though may have to sit on hands).
I'm just not enough of a sleeveless midi-wearer, and expect it would "split wears". I need to wear this one and I already tried several ways to change it up, and wear for different occasions and different people-groups. In my retirement mode, I might be able to use another very casual dress but would want it to be different both in style and fabric.

From reviews, the pink and green may be see-though, maybe not. So I would have tried it to see, if I could really use dupes of the style.

However, just giving a heads-up for anyone who might have wanted to try this dress in other colors. Also, who knows what color they may make it in next!