Thanks, everyone! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find specs I liked - usually it takes ages and many, many stores. I think other than costco the only place I had seriously looked this time was Warby Parker, but I didn't like any of the styles they currently have on offer.

Lyn, here is the Pucci pair on their website:
And here is a place that sells them online:

The style number is EP 5031 color 098 if you want to see if your local shops carry them.

They are both nice, but the first pair to my eye just couldn't be more perfect. Love! Also, good to hear about Costco. Next time I will check their selection.

Love them both - and I will have to check out Costco the next time I'm in the market because it would be great to have two current pairs. I have the opposite problem - narrow face, close set eyes.

I love them both, but those puccis were just made for you. Gorgeous!

Very flattering, and go with your style perfectly.

Thank you very much Diana!:-)

These are both amazing on you! Wow -- great finds!

Perfect, so glad you were able to get two pairs.