Okay, I know from past experiences that shirtdresses are really hard to fit. There's a lot of not-quite-right out there. But I'd really like to find one to help me get some more mileage out of my fleece lined tights and leggings this winter. In hopes that someone can narrow my field a bit, has anyone found a great plaid or flannel shirtdress recently that's:

1) long-sleeve
2) (mostly) cotton -- not viscose or poly
3) not chambray (plaid would be great, but solids and other prints are okay too)
4) not totally looks-like-a-nightshirt shapeless

My top contender right now is the dark purple-y one from Athleta, which is selling out fast, and which I feel is overpriced but apparently the market does not agree with me!

The Gap/Pendleton and the Topshop are out because I've had such bad experiences with viscose and its (lack of) longevity. But I like the belts on both.

Speaking of Pendleton, if I were more committed to shirtdresses, I would totally have this wool one for the winter, and I'd be all set: http://www.pendleton-usa.com/p.....10/c/2400/

Other options that I've somewhat eliminated:

Love the colors of this Patagonia tunic, but I've seen it on others and it really does veer into nightshirt territory: http://www.patagonia.com/produ.....59080.html

This Uniqlo option is nice but I think it's too long, possibly too much dress and not enough shirt, for what I want. It's got a bit of a prairie-schoolteacher vibe which I both love and don't love. May have to try it anyway, but I'd still be looking for a more tunic-y shirtdress too. https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/w.....00.html?ut