Fantastic! Obviously meant for you regardless of where you found it. I used to be more rigid about wearing a hat - now I sometimes leave it off if I am not going to be out too much. Thank you for inspiring me to be more careful!

Thanks again everyone!

It’s good to know the big head club has so many members. I feel better

I gave the hat a test drive this morning and I can report that it’s very comfortable. Not as much sun protection as I’d like but fine for an overcast day. It will be good for winter too. Happy.

Shevia, we are told here that you can never be too careful with the sun. But then you have to be careful about your vitamin D levels. Sigh.

Jenn, I am prone, in moments of boredom, to search “dark floral” (also “ombre”) on fashion websites to see what comes up. Voila!

Lisa, I get it. Hair is definitely an issue with hats. I sometimes wear a cap because it’s an easier fit for me but then when my hair goes wild and curly I start to look like Angus Young in AC/DC

The dark floral is so you! Amazing that you found it. And, as another member of the big head club, I’m off to take a peak at the ASOS site.

Stinking cute pattern mixing!

It was meant to be yours! You look like a movie star trying to stay incognito. Love it with your striped top.

Hi Brooklyn, I also live in Australia and have a big head! Being a new member, I can’t view photos yet but I too just bought two new hats - one bucket style, muted tropical print reversible L/XL ( I plan to remove the logo) and a natural colour Panama hat. I love them both- they fit well and are generous in material so cover my head vs perching on top! Both are from Target Men’s (Aust), I only saw the Panama one online so try instore- they had heaps. A great fitting new hat IS something to get excited about! ( I was only planning to get one but finding a second one was too good to pass up!)

Dawn, welcome! Thanks for that great tip. I have a Target in my area so I’ll pop on a mask and go and have a look. My DH also wants a Panama hat so I can kill 2 birds with one stone. (He is a size smaller, sob!)

Thanks FC! Although I sometimes think a hat makes me more conspicuous rather than less.

Angie, Thanks! I’m going to build a capsule around my hat With a mask the pattern mix gets quite complicated. Not that that’s a bad thing.

And thanks Kathie

Brooklyn, fun to be on Team Pattern Mixing with you! Maximal dressing with lots of discipline. Excited to see the hat capsule

Today, I'm wearing three patterns - (mask is white). The colours match perfectly although it doesn't look that way from the Finds.

Yay Angie! I’m actually doing a pattern mix self challenge for Spring. Today I’m wearing 3 patterns too! Double plaid plus floral! Of course I pattern mix with Brooklyn jnr too

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LOVE! I adore checks. Fab with florals.

With Ms. B as part of your pattern mixed ensemble, you can only up your already high style quotient

Sam was wearing this little jumper today, to match my outfit.

Angie, do you dress Sam to coordinate with your outfit? That’s next level! I’m impressed!!!

Super cute hat! I also wear a hat every day when walking the dog, hiking, kayaking, all outdoor activities. I have the opposite problem, though - I have a small head.

Wow, love it! I didn't know you wear a hat each day-but of course it makes sense, how do you match it to your outfits? Is the daily hat your signature item?

Thanks Karie. Commiserations, you probably find the shopping hard too.

Thanks Lyn. Like Karie, I wear a hat everyday to walk my dog. And for any outdoor activities like gardening. My main hat is a brown wide brimmed hat that is cotton but looks like leather. I’ve posted it here a few times. It doesn’t really “match” my outfit but I suppose it’s neutral. Because I do so much walking, I’d love to have some more options. More feminine styles, more colours. Always on the look out

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Brooklyn, Sam and I match both intentionally and unintentionally. Many of his collars, jumpers and puffers are in "my colours" so we match by accident! Yes - Sam wears pink because boys can wear pink. Sam also has a good stash of black, navy and red to match Greg


That *is* a perfect hat for you. But you already know that, looking at your kitchen and backpack. I love the pattern mixing with the plaids. You've always been the pattern mixing queen.

I love that hat and love it on you. Having a larger head as well, I need to pay more attention to the men’s section, too. Thanks for the tip!

What a great find for you! Perfection.

That is a wonderful hat.
I am in the club too. Now I have some ideas of where to look. And DH has the opposite problem. So now I know we need to switch departments. Lol.