Ooh love it! You are so gorgeous!

I noticed the ear cuff too. I love them but have Lisa’s problem, my ear gets red.
I empathize on weather. 92 here today.

Now y'all are going to have me self-conscious worrying that my ear is red! The ear on that side gets hit by the sun more so it is more tan than the other side. LOL

I noticed it! I just thought I hadn't noticed it before because you hair was covering it... actually I thought it was a piercing, not a cuff.

Great new look! I love the angled cut and the new colors.

Janet ,I love the burgundy flashes and the cut, you look fab!

Excellent cut & fun color, and here's to our "hair people" we stick with for many years. Am seeing mine in 2 hours, can't wait.
Totally noticed that ear cuff and love it. Icing on the cake of the asymmetrical cut.

Your cut is amazing! I think the shorter look frames your face really well and shows off your beautiful eyes. Ooooh, am I loving the burgundy strands! Gorgeous and rich for fall. Stun-ning!

Love, Love, Love that style on you!

Great cut, great fall colour! You've got a good stylist.

Fantastic cut and I love the ear cuff. I need to start wearing mine again. The burgundy looks great.

Absolutely fabulous all around. Wow is all I can say!

Love it! Perfection.

Janet, what a fab hairstyle! I imagine it must be very cool to sport too. Your beautiful features are complimented so well by the cut's asymetry. Your eyes pop. I also like your curly hair, but this is edgy and daring in a way I feel fits your personality (or what I know of you)

Love this hairstyle - modern and fresh, and still very you! I noticed the scruff and like it. I have 2 holes in one ear, but haven't worn one in decades. DD just got a third ear pierce and it made me wonder if I could pull it off - you are inspiring me.

Oh - and I finally sprang for the Anthro top in the cornflower blue - haven't worn it yet as the weather crisped up here in the mountains, but I am sure I will get use out of it in our Indian Summer. It looks great on you.

Ooh, this looks really good on you! I have a haircut scheduled in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to decide whether to do a lob or a shorter length. You make me think I should go a little shorter....hmm.

I did notice the ear cuff but thought it was a piercing that I had just not noticed on you before. I didn't realize that ear cuffs don't require piercings. I may have to get myself a cuff. I've been wanting to get an additional piercing in my ear but don't want to have to deal with the pain and hassle of the long heal time for cartilage piercings. An ear cuff seems like a good solution.

Gorgeous! I love the colour!

I know, I'm late to the game but wanted to say Fantastic new hair cut and color!

Love the cut and color! Both do a super job of highlighting your features. Ear cuff amps it up. Enjoy it.

I've done the shorter in the back, angled toward the front look on my hair and find it easy to manage. Part of my often futile search for angles.

love it! The cut and color are perfect together.

TDF!!! Wow!!!! SOOOO SOOO gorgeous!!! Off about smelling salts and read other comments!:-)

OMG! What a change. Looks absolutely fab!

Love, love, love! Your hair guy is a treasure.