I like your hair best in #6 and I like Angie’s inspiration photos. I agree with Brooklyn. Skip the fringe. It is too hard to maintane.

Sorry, haven't studied the entire thread but wanted to chime in because I recently got my hair cut in a page boy and I LOVE it. It's very lightly layered at the edges. I can straighten it or put a little gel in it and let it air dry (or use a diffuser if I want it curlier and have the time). I love the 70's funk it brings. I thus have long bangs, but as they grow I just sweep them to the side, no fuss no muss. Because the cut has gradual length change between the bangs and the rest of the hair it works really well. It is too short to get into a ponytail except for the very back, but headbands are fine for me. Here is a screen snip of a good hair day. (-;

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Back again - had a hectic day or two!

Thanks Angie - I love your inspo picks and there is some cross over! I think you are less lazy than me with your hair - but I am going to pinch a couple of these for my hair pinterest board. And I could go darker, I like some warmth but I could be closer to my natural colour....

Thanks Suz - I agree with you! My stylist knows my slack tendancies and my hair. I do have a cowlick at the front which also impacts a few styles...

Stylefan - you are right re bangs and maintenance....I am lazy.

Brooklyn - the humidity makes such a difference. This week with crisp clear days my hair is much improved on last week.... I am feeling the pull to something a bit more distinctive at the moment.

Thanks Lily.

Nikki - I like these too but they aren't me. I will admire them on others.

Joy - I like that pic - that's the stylist blow out. I wish I could do that:)

Jenava - that's a good idea....definitely open to a page boy. If I could rock it in 1979 why not in 2022. And it looks awesome on you. Soft but modern which I think is your vibe. I'd like something that's a bit more of a statement right now.

Sal, YES! We have fun crossover

I've found that my natural colour hair is softer than before, and in lovely condition. It looks and feels healthier, which particularly struck hubs Greg! I think you can achieve the right amount of warmth and lightness with darker highlights. My guess is that it will bring out your eyes! It will look smashing and chic! Ravishing.

I agree about mixing your highlights with low lights,it can give hair a lovely depth and looks more natural than block colour.You are lucky to have thick hair.My sister in law who also has thick hair recently got a just above chin layered bob with fringe and herhairdresser gave her an undercut which you can’t see but makes the bob sit beautifully.