Hello fellow YLFers! I know this topic has been covered before, but I have a different spin.

Since I joined YLF, I have put a lot of time & effort into honing what I would call a mom-on-the-go wardrobe. However, due to a medical condition, I now realize that my wardrobe should be woman-at-home. I hoped my condition would improve, but my doc recently told me that I am in the final stages of my treatment plan, & my condition is unlikely to change too much.

With that in mind, could y'all give me suggestions for a wardrobe for the days I'm at home? On those days, I putter around the house with breaks to sit & rest. My clothing needs to be comfortable for moderate housework & for my sitting rest periods. I've thought of leggings but I've never found any that were that comfortable & I'm petite so I wondered if I would look even shorter.

I'm a petite hourglass. Any help anyone can give would be great. Tia!