Today after a long walk (it is becoming a daily thing) I would have liked to have had something comfy but nice to change into. DH and I both had wet pant hems. I changed into another pair of jeans, and DH changed into a pair of pants he usually wears to the gym. I would have liked him in something different. It was late afternoon, so just dinner and a couple rounds of 'Settler's of Catan' was planned. We may be home bound this weekend, since a 'weather event' is forecast (ice storm) and cozy is called for. I think we both need a couple of loungewear outfits that aren't gym clothes.

What do you and your SO use for loungewear? What would make up a nice loungewear capsule for either of us? I don't want to resort to yoga pants or other gym wear and would like something less structured than jeans but not as informal as pj's. The shop I want to check out for ethnic wear (loose harem trousers) is seasonal and won't open for another few weeks, (and I don't think DH will go that route!)