I commented on Angie's recent post on coats that my coat collection is in sad need of some help. I feel like there are many occasions where I don't have what I need but I'm lost on how to fix the problem.

Some background - Albuquerque is a high desert so it gets cold in the winter, but not super cold like Canada or the midwest (no need for puffers). Our regular winter high's are in the 40's-low 50's and the lows are in the 20's. Spring/fall is warmer - 60's/low 70's for a high and 40's for lows. Also it's monotonously sunny and dry in the winter. I don't need bright colors to combat dreary weather. I frequently forgo a jacket on warm winter days if I'm running errands in my car since the sun will heat up the car so much and the distances from parking to front doors are generally short.

Here's what I have:

Dressier - I wear these to work and on nicer occasions
#1 - Black wool with leather side panels. I love this coat and wear it almost every day in the winter.

#2 - Navy blue peacoat - I wear this when the black coat doesn't match.

#3 - Cream colored coat - This is not my favorite. It was a gift, it's not as warm as the other two, and I only keep it around for the rare occasion I need a light colored coat.

Lighter, more casual jackets
#4 - Black moto - I like this but the length and style doesn't work with everything.

#5 - Denim jacket - I've had this since high school. It was my dad's so it has sentimental value. It fits well in the torso but the arms are bulky. However, I don't wear it that much because I just don't like denim jackets - I think they're cold and stiff and not cozy. Replacing it with a better fit doesn't solve my main problems with denim jackets.

#6 - Olive utility jacket - I like this just fine with certain casual outfits but it's not warm enough in the winter.

#7 - Quilted olive jacket - This is warmer and I wear it frequently on the weekends in the winter. The problem is that although I like the olive color I have two pairs of olive pants and a pair of purple skinnies that it clashes with so that limits its use.

#8 - Brown short jacket - Maybe I thrifted this? It's warm but a bit bulky and too short to wear with many tops. I hardly ever wear it.

That's it except a couple fleece jackets that I wear for running and a ski jacket for skiing.

Problems areas - I don't have any light dressy coats/jackets. I wear this long black sweater (#9) a lot during the fall/spring when I need something light for cooler mornings. I feel like the two olive jackets clash with too many items of my wardrobe to become true workhorses.

Any advice? I feel like I need something light for dressy occasions for sure and maybe one or two more casual jackets. This exercise has helped me see how few coats/jackets I actually own, but I'm still not sure what I should add.

Thanks in advance!

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