Amy if you walked into my office (it's not a legal office) in outfit #1 I would hire you without even looking at your resume!

#5= hired. #3 looks very good to me too.
By the way, I love your smile I thought I was looking at some beutiful actress seriously..

Nr. 1 is very eyecatching, but red dress is also gorgeous! I said WOW to myself for both, but I was actually going to say nr 3 -when read that is a meeting rather than a regular interview, so that's changing everything!
Go with nr. 1!!!
the fab dress from nr 7 + the same jacket from nr 1.
(and dressing like that, I would say the same as Deborah said:-))by the way, is it a man who are you meeting with?-then no problem! or is a woman wearring a grey suit all the time(no pun intended) have to be carefull with those:-)))
Good luck!

You gals are so awesome. Thanks again.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a terrible head cold, so had to postpone the interview. It'll happen soon though and now I know what to wear! I'm also going to work on additional outfits since I'm hoping I'll have some real interviews fairly soonish.

I'm a little late (obviously), but my pick would be #3 for a law office interview.

I think #3 looks very conservative but the top looks too casual without a collar. To me in the picture it looks like a tshirt.

I vote for #1, or any of the other outfits of blouse and skirt or pants but include a jacket.