Kathie, thank you for the nice compliment. You might have already noticed but I can also be an enabler. And by that I mean, I think you should get the Lafayette 148 leather moto. It is gorgeous!
The more I look at the sale items, the more I am beginning to enjoy NAS again this year.

JAileen: Thanks for posting. You need to order the pink moto and try it. You never know for sure how something will work until you try it.

Joy, sorry you aren't finding anything at the upcoming NAS. Keep looking and I am hoping for more blue to be available myself. That is my color of the year also.

bridgie- The red moto is definitely "fantasy life"- both in price, and whether it would ever get worn more than 1-2 times/year in my climate. But, please do enable on the pink Timberlands!

JAileen- Gorgeous moto! (I added the find.) And, thanks for the vote of confidence in the Patagonia Nano Puff. Do you wear it for birding/walking activities?

Kathie, thank you. I can’t make finds on my ipad. I wear the Nanopuff all the time in winter. Yes for birding and hiking, but also when I’m volunteering in the thrift store, our possessions have to fit in a small locker. If you leave your coat on a hook, they’re apt to sell it! Usually it’s plenty warm for running in from the parking lot. I always take it with me on a plane. (I wonder if I’ll ever fly again?). The temperature is so unpredictable. And the fact that it packs so small means I can fit it in my carryon. In February I even took it to Florida.

Thanks to all who posted. Have any of you noticed anything new being added? I wonder if you have to look through everything to find new additions. Have fun, won't be long until we can push the button to send. So far, I have not selected anything. When Angie posts her lists that may change. Angie always sees items that I overlook.

Kathie, those Timberlands are darker than the pink ones of a couple years ago. I considered them then, but then noticed a couple other women had them, and they were apparently difficult to keep clean. I like things a little RATE, but dirty pale pink suede just looked bad. Might be worth considering as you look at the new model.