Me, too! Well, I wonder if that one might work for me. I may just pop it in my bag to give it a try -- thank you for the recommendation!

Still LOL about trying things on in a lumber yard

Nice haul. I really don't think I could do bras online. Your comment knocked me off my chair when you said you're a really small size at a C or D. Ok I get that the band is on the smaller size, but some days I'd give my right eye to not be an AA or A.... the band size goes down, the cup size goes down correspondingly. In other words, a C or D is not as big on a 30 band as it is on the 36 say the least. It's really a lot smaller than you might expect! Like, um...a lot!!

Also...for years I had been wearing a 32 or even a 34 band in a B or an A. Little did I understand that this was a terrible fit for me. I might get away with it with a soft cup (no underwire) type of bra (although there's zero support for me in a band that size...all support would be coming from the straps.) But with underwires, the wires would not be in the right places. No wonder they hurt!

Just wanted to add my review of the Betsy Johnson stocking stripe bra. I ordered it after reading this thread. So, 2 days ago. It was waiting for me when I got home tonight. Fastest Nordstrom shipping ever! (it came from the Natick store apparently).

So, the review. It is comfy, very lightweight and the cups are indeed wide set enough for me. I like that its convertible. However, I'm sending it back for a few reasons. First and most importantly, I can't shorten the straps enough. I am *extremely* short on top and therefore wear my bra straps very short. Because its convertible, the adjustable part of the strap only goes halfway up the back. The straps are also incredibly stretchy so I worry they will stretch more. I also think the band is too stretchy. It's way stretchier than my other bras. I could easily fit a band size down but then the cups would be too close together. And lastly, the material feels really odd, kind of rubbery. it's frankly kind of gross to touch, and I think clothes might cling.

Suz--- If I am not mistaken Chantelle offers many styles in a 30 D or 30 C. They just aren't carried by Nordies, but I can readily buy them elsewhere in the states online.

Elly - thank you -- that is good to know. When I was fitted in Toronto they didn't have that band size either, but that doesn't mean it does not exist. I can look into it. The online ordering becomes pretty tricky if you aren't completely sure how a style fits, though -- unless you can find reviews.

Diana, thanks for adding your review. I do agree that the fabric of the Betsy Johnson feels a bit flimsy and weird. Totally hear you on that! LIke you, I was a bit repulsed by it also at the beginning. But then I put it on with a shirt and for some reason it felt okay. I think I might have been wowed by the overall comfort of the bra. But I also agree that it feels as if it might stretch out faster than other bras I own. I figure it doesn't hurt to give it a try and see.

I guess what I liked was the comfort (partially explained by high stretch) and also the fact that it felt light. And what I disliked was the fabric and the fact that it seemed light! So-- two sides of the same coin, maybe.

Suz-- you can always try a 32 c on and clip the band tighter in the back then order your size-- I find with Chantelle bras that is one style in their sub-line fits, all the other similar cuts in that subline are the same. For example, I wear their C sexy Chic line and their memory foam and seamed bras both fit perfectly. I have a similar chest type but am 2-3 sizes bigger.

Elly, that is really helpful -- thank you. I will check it out. I love the quality of their bras.

Suz...aha...very helpful actually. I'd like to just have a bra that says I'm a C. I'd get a laugh out of that - maybe just a lil' old boost of confidence
My band circumference is pretty broad so I'm stuck with the wider band, smaller cup size. Oh well. As I age I'm more and more fine with it. Thanks for the helpful reviews though.