NAS has come and mostly gone. I was away for a chunk of time and have been preoccupied so I have not had the clarity of mind to decide about the maybes.

I have returned to the store the items I am certain I don’t want, taken the tags off a few items, and have a few I am still uncertain about.

Back went all the size 11 Fitflops that unexpectedly were Euro 43’s, not 42’s. A coat that I didn’t realize was like a teddy coat inside. EF crops that were a really strange feeling material, The leopard knot top that was too big, and the heart print loungewear that DH said made me look pregnant.

I’m keeping navy and black loungewear wide leg pants that I may put a real hem in and wear as pants.

Still up in the air but most likely keeping 3 pairs Munro sandals (1 not NAS). I was only shopping for none or one, I really need close toed shoes for fall/winter. The non NAS less stylish pair is the most comfortable. May keep all 3 because I like them and I am hard to fit.
Also unsure of the red LePilage expandable tote and the bracelets.

I think the fact that best encapsulates my NAS is that my favorite item is still the blackberry lemonade. I am hoping to become smitten with some of my maybes.