After I returned the SE coat and cargo pants, I quickly ran around my local store. Would love to have some feedback from the hive mind.

Picture 1- Tried on one of the lightweight Halogen cashmere scarves. I like it, but not a must have. What do we think of this color?

Pictures 2-9: The woman who helped me with scarves was actually the Dior person, so, she had me try a bunch of new products. I love them! Any opinions on Dior facial products? It’s rare that I find something that doesn’t bother me, and make me want to remove it. I’m actually thinking that, in line with my goal to focus on skin care, I should quit looking at clothes at NAS, and think more seriously about some of these products.

Picture 2 and 3: Sunglasses. What do we think of either of these? I’m not picky, and I do need a new pair. Could definitely use opinions as to whether either of these look good, or if I should pass on both. (I like them, but am a terrible judge of whether sunglasses look good or fit on my face.)

4-5: Tried on the Nic and Zoe top pick cardigan. Love the color! This is a medium which is a bit too large on me. Thinking of ordering in a small. It would fill a recently created wardrobe hole, when a lovely, playful dog accidentally tore a hole in a sweater sleeve of another long cardigan.

6-9: Halogen ribbed tops. I often size up in this type of style. The black is a medium, the blue is a small. Should I stalk the black in a small? Or just go with the medium?

Thanks for any comments, and to anyone who read this far!!

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