My NAS purchases were minimal this year and ended up being even more so. After thinking about it, I returned both the Pleione mixed media tunic - decided that the pale blue was not the most flattering, and the fabric was really wrinkle prone - and the Halogen knit moto - the length bugged me and the facings kept flipping out as I moved while trying it on, one of my serious pet peeves with jackets. Both were OK pieces and I certainly could have worn them but in the meantime I'd found a couple pieces at other stores' summer sales that were a better use of my money.

I had originally ordered the Born flats in the Ash (gray/taupe), and then decided that I should get the Fig (brown) too. I was surprised that both colors we so similar when I got them home, so I ended up returning the Ash because I think the Fig will be a bit more versatile. It's too bad that the colors weren't a bit more different, the brown darker or the grey lighter, because then I would have definitely kept both.

Blazer wise I kept the Caslon olive knit blazer. I had ordered the Olivia Moon berry blazer in both L and XL and decided on keeping the XL.

And on that note, I will now settle into some serious no shopping for a month or two!