it my imagination, or do more of the items this year look like summer items?

Like Tanya, I'm feeling underwhelmed so far, but I also know that Angie's picks can open my eyes to a whole realm of new possibilities.

I was hoping to find a great coat (preferably a peacoat), a pair of silver or grey booties, a replacement for my Aquatalia motos, a couple of statement knits, and a patterned or bright jacket.

Well, so far I'm not doing too well.

However, I do have some items (below) under consideration.

I've also been intrigued by the idea of a casual knit dress. I have a navy cotton knit sleeveless that I sometimes wear "jumper" style over a top so the fact that an item is sleeveless is not necessarily a dealbreaker (although, again...could they make a few dresses with sleeves for winter, please?)

I think the higher end knit dresses are really overkill for me -- I don't wear a dress often enough to make them a smart purchase. But one of the less expensive ones, or the EF, which would be cross seasonal, might make sense.

I'm a sucker for sleeveless turtlenecks and find them weirdly useful layering items. So I am debating a couple, both high and low end.

The Veronica Beard jacket intrigues me, but I need to hear from Angie about it. Ultimately, I think it wouldn't get enough wear in my climate to justify the price.

Also looking at a bag.

I was hoping for a few pops of colour but that is another disappointing feature of the sale, so far, for me, and I hope it doesn't bode ill for things to come.