The NAS is very hit or miss.

Go in with low expectations and a relaxed attitude. If you score some treasures - BONUS! If you don't - next. Something else will come along.

Some NAS's are better than others. Sometimes you find exactly what you need - and sometimes there is little you like. Par for the course.

Personally, I love the thrill of it all! You never know what you're going to end up with. The element of surprise is the best part

This is my 20th NAS! I've scored MANY of my best wardrobe items at this sale, so I'm always excited about it.

I eventually found lots to like this year after bypassing large quantities of black and grey - (which I don't wear) - and many earth tones - (which I wear in small doses).

Here is my wishlist. Of course, I won't get all of it!!! Maybe some of it

I was able to add items that are on my shopping list, like:

  • dressy bright red pants (to replace a knee-balding pair)
  • blush pink cashmere scarf (to replace an itchy one)
  • cream Vionic loafers (trying to duplicate!)
  • cream Mary Janes (couldn't get them in Summer)
  • whiskey booties (passed on a pair last year)
  • L'Agence silk patterned blouse (a dressy staple in my Summer wardrobe)
  • earthy wool coat (it's missing from my capsule)

Wildcard = Paisley Cardigan. I don't wear cardigans and prefer florals to paisley - yet this appeals to me

I'll keep you posted as much as I can along the way! I begin shopping the NAS with clients tomorrow. xo