I actually didn't do too bad on my returns. I've had years where I returned four times as much stuff.
At the end of last winter I made a note to myself - "do not buy more boots". But what did I do?
EF Tote Bootie - these just caught my eye and I had to try them. I was very underwhelmed with them in person. Which I think has happened to me before with EF boots. NOTE TO SELF - don't order EF boots.
Vicar Studded Bootie - these are right up my alley and in theory should have worked and would have been worth breaking my no buy boots rule. But they just were't comfortable on. I didn't like the way they felt on my shin when I walked - even with the stretchy sock panel. Maybe they just needed be broke in and I really debated but finally returned them.
Natalie KUT jeans - they were fine but I liked the other two I ordered better.
Bedspread/shams - I'm on the hunt for a new bedspread but this was not big enough for my King sized bed. Why is it so hard to find a quilt/comforter big enough for a King sized bed? Any suggestions???
Something Navy animal print cardigan - I actually ordered this full price after the sale as it was sold out during the sale. I should have known to size down in it but I didn't and it was way too big. Then it was sold out again. But I actually wasn't that excited about once I saw it in person so I wasn't sad to miss out.