Angie’s post today really resonated with me because if I can’t get my essentials I really feel as though my wardrobe is not working. Winter was very good to me in finding some of these elusive, yet deceptively simple items.

I found a good knit in Zara and bought it in grey, cream and blush and a spare.
Now that may sound excessive, but I love wearing this knit, it launders well and was extremely affordable. The spare is saved for when the first needs to be replaced.

My other essential duplicate was some skinny jeans, MotherThe Looker jeans. Incredibly comfortable and a great fit. I bought them in a dark wash and black and have worn them constantly since buying them.

I am always on the hunt for white shirts. The are so good in an office environment and this one by Cue is a firm favourite. I like to layer it under jackets and sheathdresses. It is georgette and is not transparent, something that I really dislike about so many white shirts.