I returned a few items today in person, and while I was out, I decided to pop into Zara for fun. It's been years since I last visited the store, and I've never purchased anything from them because most of their clothing is made from polyester. While I was browsing and looking at fur coats, I realized that my main wardrobe hole at the moment is contrasting texture: furs, feathers, sequins, pom-poms, fringes, velvet, etc. Texture is probably the main casualty of having a small, mostly neutral wardorobe consisting primarily of natural fibers. My silks, linens, wools, and cottons just sort of blend into each other, and I'd love to add some contrast via neutral contrasting textured items. Last season, Burberry had a gorgeous large sequin skirt and ostrich feather denim jacket that made my heart sing and my wallet protest. These were otherwise classic, timeless cuts that were made trendy with the fabric. I thought about trying a DIY, but couldn't find the materials I needed (and ostrich feathers are expensive!).

What are some suggestions involving natural fibers to add contrasting texture this season? Alternatively, how do you integrate texture into your wardrobe, if at all?