One of the things I love about shopping is seeing what colors show up at multiple retailers simultaneously, only to vanish complete within a year or two. It's a fun fashion synchrony that I've learned to capitalize on: if I love a color and the garment is useful, I won't stop wearing it. And the more unusual the color, the longer it will be gone. For example, in the early 2000s a marvelous pea green color showed up. I still wear the Old Navy sweater I bought, and I wore the belt that matched (from Penneys, I think?) until it literally fell apart. That color hasn't been back and I haven't even been close to finding a substitute belt.

So far this fall, I've been delighted to see two of my favorite shopping destinations bring out items in a very warm, mid-tone pink color. It's more pink than orange, and very slightly dusty. Emmy Design calls it just "coral" (which I think should be more orange), and Lands' End calls it "soft Mojave rose," which seems a little more appropriate.

Regardless of the name, I adore it, and I'm planning to fully indulge in this color as long as I like the pieces! Below are items I've either already bought or am planning to buy.