Angie - Westies are my weakness. I have been so very fortunate to have owned 4 of these wonderful dogs. Each has had a fun and unique personaiity.

Sal - I hope your summer holidays were lots of fun. We are celebrating Australia Day today.

Wendy - that is a shame. The shop I bought my shirts from sold out quickly too.

Nuancedream - Westie Bijou is impossibly cute - she has the best fur coat and it only takes a shake in the morning and she is picture perfect. For me, there is much more grooming involved!

Shevia - you are so right. I think this summer, I am feeling like being more dressy and also more covered up than before, which is why I am less likely to wear my shorts and playsuits and gravitating to midi skirts. It is always fun to have a change up in style.

Bit late to my comment- we are away on a lovely country farm for a long weekend. Auckland Anniversary Day is 27 Jan this year so possibly same day as your Australia Day. This is our relative’s farm, a cousin-once-removed of my DH’s. I hadn’t visited for almost 5 years but we have seen them in between. SYC for casual clothes has still worked for me.
I love the red top with your leopard skirt! Does the top have one gold shoulder strap or chain? - very fancy!
I don’t seem to have unexpected summer workhorses. Sometimes in winter I might, like a long ink cardigan this past winter.

Jenni - I hope you enjoy your Anniversary Day break. My red blouse does not have a gold chain - but I was wearing my mini Furla cross body bag that does have a cross body chain. Whilst the bag is very small, as it holds my iPhone, keys, credit card and coin purse - I am finding it very useful.

I’m late to the thread, the pieces are super - the colours are delicious! I love the sleeve details too.

Leopard and red. Wow. And your little Furla bag looks very cute. I also ordered a red patterned one. I hope I can get my stuff in it.
My unexpected workhorse is a midi skirt from Uniqlo. Fit and flare with a bit of stretch.

And you're blessed to have been loved by Westies

Jane - It is funny with the sleeves, these puffy sleeves I find easy to wear. When there was the fashion for draped sleeves, I found them terrible because they really got in the way especially when eating.

Adriana- I hope you love your Furla. This is my first Furla bag and has been a real winner because it hold my phone plus a few essentials and lets me be hands free on a night out.

Angie - I 100 percent agree. Whilst there had been real heart-ache at losing a precious dog, it was more than made up with all the joy and companionship. So glad that DS is the next generation of dog lover.

With great love, there is always great loss.