Regrets ... I've had a few ...! And unfortunately for you all, not too few to mention Some are more over-arching; some more specific:

The over-arching, attitudinal ones:

  • I try to fit myself too neatly into a box. I love rules, and so I will obsess needlessly over systems like colour analysis, capsule wardrobes, style personalities, etc., only to discard them in frustration when some outlying characteristic of mine doesn't fit the mould perfectly.
  • I doubt myself. This is an issue that permeates my entire life. My style journey has been a great sandbox to see and challenge this instinct. Successes are flukes; mistakes, disasters. I see it and I'm working on it!
  • I'm too "either/or" - either minimalist OR a shopper; colourful OR neutral, etc.
The specifics:

  • I over-edit. I am one of those people who actually does look back on items donated in haste, and think, why did I get rid of that? Often I will edit items out that don't fit with the 'perfect' wardrobe plan I've hatched that day/month/season, and then live to regret it.
  • I can get too wound up about things, and then end up saying 'f it' and choosing unwisely - or not choosing at all and feeling in a rut.
  • I don't assess fit as well as I should. This is just a matter of skill, and I am practicing it more consciously now.
Now to the positive side - the fix:

I am consciously embracing a more moderate, 'both/and' attitude.
This helps with almost all of these items:
  • I don't over-edit as much because I'm not trying to shove my wardrobe into a perfect wardrobe template.
  • I can use rules to help me organize my wardrobe and thoughts, while also making room for the exceptions that make my style my own.
  • I can make space for doubt and 'trial and error' while still moving forward rather than in circles.
  • I can relax a little more, which means more calm and space to take my time in assessing things like fit, etc.
If I've misses any mistakes, I am more than happy to have you remind me!! Thanks for reading