Angie’s post this morning inspired reflection about my style mistakes. By mistakes I mean bad decisions for me, not that the style itself is bad or wrong. To recap my thoughts from the comments there:

Going too boho is my main style mistake.

It’s so close to what I really love that I am continuously tempted! When you adore colorful patterned and retro clothing it’s easy to find in boho style. But the patterns are often not actually to my liking, and the colors are often earth and jewel tones, so inevitably I get tired of these pieces very quickly. I can wear some very boho items if they are exactly in my colors (bright and pastel, with jewel tones allowed if they’re mixed with those) or cut (not too fussy and overwhelming) and have the perfect print, but I am learning that those items are few and far between.

My other personal style mistakes include:

  • Wearing colors that look good on me but that I don’t feel good in, mainly earth tones and neutrals
  • Buying solid color items when I prefer a print, unless it is a solid that is specifically meant to coordinate with other print items
  • Painful heels! But it was my 20s so I’ll chalk that up to fun at the time
  • Thrifting anything cute and not being discerning. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted over the years on “good deals”

Thankfully I learned my lesson on painful heels as I moved into my 30s. The pandemic had me thrifting less in actual thrift stores, so I’ve had a year to revise my thrifting habits. I only fully admitted to myself that I won’t wear solids and earth tones in the past few months. So overall, those mistakes have been sorted out, all except the boho temptation!

When I shop I am constantly tempted by boho items that I know I wouldn’t often wear. It actually really drags out my shopping process because I feel drawn to every boho item and have to take a look to see if it’s within my parameters. This is much more time consuming than other “wrong for me” styles that I can just avoid altogether. And I can’t tell you how many times I have convinced myself that an item is within my parameters, only for it to go unworn and end up in the donate/resell pile. I realized while online shopping yesterday that I’ve got to develop better personal judgment filters for boho or it’ll keep sidetracking me. So far, immediately rejecting anything in the wrong colors has sped up my process a bit.

Photos1-7 are my boho items that actually work. I see embroidery, bright and pastel colors, floral/nature patterns, interesting sleeves, and fairly streamlined silhouettes. I also see a vintage/retro appeal. I should make notes on what works about what I have and check the notes when shopping! 8 & 9 are examples that didn’t work. Yes, I gravitate toward too much boho in home decor too haha. The duvet cover was gorgeous but not bright or boldly printed enough for me. I sold it and bought a Marimekko one instead. The coat is super fun, but it is not my colors, and to be honest I hate paisley. I impulse bought it because you rarely find print coats. Never worn by me and resold. Photo 10 is my wedding dress, proof that I really do love boho style but it’s got to be just right.

Does anyone have any advice or shared commiseration on repeating style mistakes that keep tempting you?

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