Angie’s hoodie and sweatshirt posts are perfect for my stay-at-home quarantine style. I don’t have the right lifestyle or situation to “dress up” when I’m not leaving the house (big messy dogs with lots of shedding and tough claws, and a lack of that superpower ability to keep things pristine during cleaning and cooking), except to hang out in the woods. So my style has taken a severe nosedive in this time, and I’m not really posting WIWs. No makeup, no styling of hair. My energies are going elsewhere.

But this hoodie I saw in a local boutique before the coronavirus quarantine stuck in my memory, so I got in touch with the boutique and had them deliver it to me. They took 20% off the price too.

I’m not a fan of how the pockets are inserted in the side seams of the body, as it has a widening effect right where I don’t need it (I like them set more forward, kangaroo style), but I was willing to overlook that because I liked everything else about it, and it’s a hoodie, so flattery is not the primary objective. And if I wear it open, or layered under a jacket, the problem disappears.

But the funniest realization I had is how appropriate this crazy zipper style is for these social distancing times. My husband and I cracked up yesterday when I showed how it can zip all the way up to close in my entire head. Open it up a little bit, and it reminded us of Kenny from South Park, LOL

Worn with gear because I was going to do tax prep and then hike in the woods. Athleta pants and Lululemon shirt. Trail running shoes not included (they stay out on the porch until needed — and I’m using them everyday so I may need to order duplicates soon!).

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