I know I just told myself I would only purchase a few handbags for 2015 fall/winter. "One white, one red, one pink and a clutch..." However, I had also been looking at leather backpacks for a while and nothing struck me until I found this Julian Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff. I had completely forgotten to put a backpack on my 2015 list. I also love the leather Longchamp La Pliage Cuir bags. They are probably my favorite bag in terms of weight and durability. I have one in a champagne color from last spring/summer. I saw that there are a few new colors and among them was red, so I hit the purchase button, but there was also a beautiful blue in my color palette, and I love it also. I am debating whether I should eliminate the pink bag and get the blue one instead. I ended up purchasing the LK Bennet Rosie bag in white that Angie has. I like it, and think it will be perfect. Now I am not sure about the Feragamo bag anymore. Not because I don't love it, but because I don't really need two white bags plus a backpack in white. That would be overkill. I still love it though, and I keep looking at it. I am so drawn to that bag for whatever reason. If i do get it, it will be a birthday gift to myself, and I will not count it as something for my 2015 purchases.

I also love a drawstring bag, but I didn't purchase one, yet. They are showing a lot of them, and they are hard to resist. I really love the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag because of the size. It's perfect for work. Isn't the Elizabeth and James bag cute? I love that it's red! It' would be a great accessory for my wardrobe and perfect for the weekend. Oh my! I have become a bag girl instead of a shoe girl! What to do, what to do? I am going to go broke with all this dreaming! (Good thing I am only dreaming!)