So lovely. Such a great outfit. I LOVE the colours

Wow,you must have looked like a little ray of sunshine in that outfit and what funky boots!

Angie, you golden girl! Your new boots are fantastically fun! I do not think them masculine. I love the color and the detail. How perfect that your gold belt matches so well! Wearing them with your orange and navy is a great choice. I made a quick search to check out the golden boots, only to find them sold out in my size. Poor me. I will need to wait longer to become a golden girl. Have fun wearing them!

I’m just watching the Women’s 5K in speed skating. Angie, your ensemble matches the Olympics perfectly - your fellow countryman (Annouk van der Weijden) looks like she might win this event - you’re wearing her Dutch orange and gold medal

that belt was just waiting for those booties to show up! FAB

and bonus of unexpected meet up with Anna....

Now that is a happy look!

I love these boots and they look perfect on you. Such a great addition to your wardrobe.

Boots are fantastic, I love gold too, and all outfit is more than extraordinary , lovely pants , and the belt really matches the boots perfect. Such a great purchase.

It is a very special boot indeed, to inspire flights of poetry and brilliant parodic prose. (Bows down to Joy and Cee).

Returning to the subject of my own footwear for a moment (ah, when am I not musing on that subject??) it occurs to me that a boot more or less like this in silver or pewter would be a great addition to my closet. Of course I can't wear in truly snowy or slushy weather but I could wear it more surely than my current silver booties, which are just plain delicate. The casual chelsea style would also encourage me to put it on more often. Hmmm. Now I am on another hunt!

Oh, ladies. Such kind words and lots of laughs.

CEE! Where does it come from? My word. You are hilarious and very talented. Are you a writer? WOW. FYI, I don’t swear and prefer pink to purple And I guess you like the gold boots!

Joy, your poetry skills are AMAZING. I’ll send over my shopping angel.

Debs, I remember your lovely navy boots.

Smittie, I didn’t know you liked orange. High five.

Tanya, Mainelady, Mirjana and Jaime, you’re sweethearts as always.

Suz, HAH. Really? I guess the gold boots had my name on them. And about your boot musing - YES. A less delicate silver pair would be bang on the money for you, and you would absolutely wear them. You need that stable heel, and a less dressy look than what you have. I will probably take my gold boots to see my Dad in March. I’m not going to be precious about them. They have to get on with it, IYKWIM.

Rachy, Cee certainly thinks they do.

Katerina, maybe you’ll wear orange with dark blue too?

Gradfashionista, I thought about the scuffing but to your point, welcome the camouflaging of the brogue detailing.

Jane, YAY. We love blue with orange. Hah five.

Cardiff Girl, we have to create our own sunshine in very grey Seattle.

Kerry, HAH. The Dutch CLEAN UP at the speed skating events. Best in the world. WOOOHOOO.

Those are great boots! I really like the brogue detailing on them.

Wow Cee - that is amazing!

Those boots are so fab that they've inspired YLF literature. Not sure I can add anything to that. Brava, Angie, Cee and Joy!


Love the Dutch orange paired with the gold, too.

Those boots are really pulling my magpie string. Absolutely LOVE them! Great combo with the orange pants.

The gold boots are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. They seem to be very magical and inspirational to many. As for myself, I really like the brogue detailing.

Thank you for the praise, you lot ...I am blushing like a Catholic stripper !

Angie, I believe it is one part a wasted youth hooked on cartoons, comic books and TV, one part being a gifted amateur and a big part being a silly bugger !

PS... I've amended the sweary part

Very nice, brogue detailing takes away the disco, makes it very new and edgy.

Great boots. Love the way you have styled them with the orange pants. What fun to run into Anna.

You’re right of course but it turns out that adorable Dutch Esmee Visser won gold instead. What a race!

Once in a while our Canadians grab a medal or two in speed skating

I've been enjoying the Olympics too... and I haven't seen too many cowlnecks so far.

This is the definition of modern polish! I envy all of the shoppers who got to see you wearing this! It must be like seeing a ray of sunshine on a gloomy winter day!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these golden beauties, what a find!

For anyone looking for these boots in a few other sizes. Madewell has them for sale on their site but listed under a different name. They call them the Ivan Brogue Chelsea Boot.

Thank you all, for the kind comments. You are lovely.

MaryA, YES. Thanks for posting the same boots from the Madewell site.

Beautiful boots Angie!! Enjoy them!! I actually really like the brogue detailing. Kind of like a wink and a smile. It takes them from futuristic to modern classic and I love the play of color and texture! Just gorgeous!

Gryffin, from now on, these will be my smiley boots.

...and hopefully for Fab crime fighting too !?

Cee, that's Bat Sam and Super Sam's job.

Sam looks adorable in his super-hero costumes.

I didn't know DC stood for Dog Comics !