These are so fab on you. Reminds me of photos of my mom in the early 1960s. Such a classy era.

Fab trousers with fun retro vibes! (Gingham often reminds me of the 60's and 70's, but these trousers even remind me of a similar pair I wore in the mid 80's.) Perfect combination with the sporty elegant white loafers.

Those pants are very flattering on you.
The pattern mix works very nicely as well.

Very cool!

Those pants are perfect for some pattern mixing fun! The fit looks spot on.

Oh, I love the tucked version and the green monster is out - just not a look my body is capable of. So, so sad. Crying in the airport.

Will enjoy watching you wear these, Angie.

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate the kind words. I am DELIGHTED with these pants, and hope they behave when I launder them.

Woohooo, K.Period. Gingham Pant Twinsies. Pulling at your Roman Holiday Strings.

So cute! And I agree, you really rock the pants with a tucked top! The retro quality of the pants is amazing, yet the fabric (content/quality) is so modern...fab!!

Ha, I have barely begun my spring refresh!

Love these on you, Angie! Retro fun... a bit of crispness that adds so much.

Like those loafers with ankle length pants. High five, as I have the white ones, too.

Wow--what a perfect fit!

Wow! Such perfection!!!

Woo hoo! I bought the Banana Republic gingham pants (and matching blazer) a couple of weeks ago! I hadn't thought of wearing them with a print blouse -- what a great idea!

Dana, you crack me up.

Sarah, Eliza and Marianna, you're lovely.

Mary, we need to a tea and cake date. Dress Code: Gingham Pattern Mixing. Aida will want to join us. Tanya, Suz and Inge possibly too.

Fun! I love love love gingham. These are fab and look amazing with your other items.

You are all done your spring/ summer shopping and I am just beginning mine. Late as usual -- I am always late with the spring/summer shop because of our slow to nonexistent spring.

These are gorgeous! And thank you for the outfit ideas. I have gingham pants that I may have never yet worn, simply because I haven't figured out what to wear with them. Yet they escape every purge, because I like them.

I just bought some black gingham pants and have trying to figure out how much to hem them. Your post was inspirational! And, like others, I love the pattern mixing you did. I might try a black and white version of this....

They look like they were made for you! Wow to the power of wow !

Great pants Angie. Love the high waisted look.

I love these and the high waist looks amazing. What a beautiful summer collection you have put together.

Can it be more fab???? Wow! esp. love the pattern mix with the blouses you add!!!!

Oooh.... I noticed a bunch of gingham in the finds, and was expected to see it show up in the ensemble post! Now I see where all that inspiration is coming from!

Angie, I'll be there in late June for tea and cake!

Wow, you look amazing and you have a such a tiny waist, you need to show it more often. And pattern mixing is so fun.