I'm preparing for a closet review and noticed a trend in some of my difficult-to-style pieces: they are various shades of grey, a color that I struggle to wear in the same way that many others here have struggled with black. Maybe all of you light-neutral wearers can help me out?

I don't currently have access to a mirror with not-terrible lighting since I moved to a new building at work with a different bathroom layout (also why I've stopped posting WIW's). Ironically, I have two full-length mirrors at home and both of them are backlit by the only windows in my apartment... So you'll have to imagine how these pieces look on me. My complexion is MAC NC30 with a distinct Asian-yellow undertone; my hair is currently black with future plans of becoming partially teal.

In order of Finds, here are all of the grey pieces in my wardrobe:

1) The cardigan that made me realize my conundrum. It's a light-to-medium heathered warm gray tone that ought to go with everything and yet seems to go with nothing except white and blush (colors I enjoy but don't wear frequently). I've worn it 4 times since purchasing it at the end of last year and never really felt fab in it. But I like the crochet lace detail and this shape has been a workhorse for me in the past.

2) Dove grey leather jacket. Truly in-between in undertone between cool grey and warm grey. I can pair it easily with black, which isn't the case for the sweater in #1, or light blue (another infrequent color in my wardrobe), but I struggle with tops to layer underneath.

3) Casual light grey penguin sweater. I usually just throw this on with blue jeans and it works, but it hasn't helped me branch out with other grey items.

4) Colorblock tunic sweater in cool-toned light and charcoal grey. Works with blue, white, or black jeans; sensing a trend? This sweater is super soft and flattering, so I'd like to wear it more often.

5) Dark charcoal cashmere v-neck pullover. Again, a staple with jeans and a colorful or delicate necklace. It was frequently worn when I lived on the East coast and is starting to show its age. I'll probably replace it with a black sweater.

6) Charcoal grey long-sleeve sheath dress. This is the easiest of my grey pieces to style--any long necklace or colorful scarf--but it ought to be, since it's a one-piece no-topper-required dress!

I used to have grey suede boots, but those were donated in my last closet edit and they suffered the same how-to-style fate.

Overall I tend to look best in jewel tones but can also wear light colors like blush, mint, taupe. And I love metallic footwear, which seems to be a different sort of neutral altogether.

tl;dr: Do you have any tips for wearing grey--particularly lighter or heathered shades--with medium-toned, high-contrast coloring?