Bummer about the boots. The SWs are really gorgeous.

I totally sympathize. Although I have different fit issues from you I find tall boots super difficult to fit too. And yet I LOVE THEM, and my feet love boots more than anything else. I guess they're difficult because you have to not only fit all the shoe parts, but also ankles, calves and height. A tall order!

Boots are tough. There are a lot of "fit points" to get right.

It is too bad that you could not find any well fitting boots. Hopefully, you will find a nice pair soon.

Suz, I'm so sorry that none of the NAS boots worked out for you. But thank you so much for posting the blue SW's, you made my day! (they are gorgeous indeed, but we'll have to admire them from afar, right).

Finding the perfect pair of boots really isn't easy at all, is it-((
Which shaft height and calf circumference would be best for you? (I'll keep that in mind when I'm boot hunting for myself).

That big stack of boxes cracked me up, by the way, that's what I call shopping with a purpose.

Speaking of boots, did you see the green version of the Petty booties Susie posted for Rachylou in this thread:
One of my favourite shades of green, and I have a hunch you'll love them too:

Inge, those Pettys are so lovely. Almost enough to forget my tall boot woes! Thank you for the sympathy. I keep thinking you NEED those SW blue suede ones....

Mona, Rachylou, Diana - thank you!

Chouette, that was indeed "our" mall! I am so sorry - I had forgotten your location. It would be lovely to meet in person. Perhaps next time. Though I must warn you, the two of us are pretty determined and focused shoppers, and have to be, to get it done. It wasn't stressful because most decisions were pretty easy, and Sveta was such great company. But it was hard work and both of us emerged even more in awe of our Angie, who does this on a regular basis!

Beth Ann, thank you. For some weird reason it gives me comfort to know that you struck out on the same boots I did.

Mochi, thank you for the links! And the Zappos filtering. They don't ship to Canada, but that is okay - I could organize a trip. The real problem is I don't think I can trust the information. The Blondos should have worked according to the height measurements of the shaft. And they are (at least theoretically) shorter than several of the ones you linked to. So it's really necessary to try on in person. Because it's not just the height. The height is affected by how your leg fills out the boot, it seems. Or at least that's what I surmise.

Thank you, Makrame, Ingunn, Sylvie, Parsley, AviaMariah.

Very grateful for your sleuthing and ideas. At this point I think my best bet might be a trip to the flagship store of La Canadienne in Montreal. They seem to have quite a range of styles that MIGHT work. And it is a 3 hour trip for me.

Alright, I'm holding thumbs that the La Canadienne flagship store will have many treasures for you in store that fit you perfectly!

(and yes, the blue boots are still calling my name VERY loudly, but I really want a pair of dressy leather boots in light or mid grey, those are top priority, and getting both would blow the budget, I'm afraid.)

Suz, I wonder if you have tried Pajar boots. Canadian company - a bit hard to find in B&M but can be ordered online. The quality and warmth of them is unbelievable. I have a 2 pairs - a short and tall dressy boot which I have had forhttp://www.pajar.com/ca_en/women/footwear.html about 6 years. They look like new. Might be worth a try. Here is a link:

sorry to hear the boots didnt work out! I know it is so frustrating...

I am constantly on the search for leather, waterproof boots that can be worn with a variety of bottoms...and not the kind that I need to spray, but the real waterproof ones with gortex etc. I have a little shorter leg, (but fuller calf so I have a different issue).....

To add to the list of ones you might want to try:

La Canadienne Richie, 14.5" tall

La Candiene Tisdale, 14" tall

Martino Bright 2, 14" tall:

little more casual:
Ecco Rise: waterproof boot, 14" tall

Sebago Saranac High, 13.5" tall:

Your boot shopping sounds like myself. I am only 5'3" and many boots are too tall. And often too wide in the calf. Usually when I find one's that fit in the height, they are too tight in the calf. It took me a long time to find my current collection of 3 tall boots, two are duplicates (black and brown) from DSW and one is from Marshall's.

I also struggle with non-boot shoes, especially for warmer months. I have sweaty feet so I need to wear a sock. I try to wear a footped for loafers but I can't do that daily (I like socks better), and ballet flats are out (you see the footpeds) and of course sandals are a no (I only wear them on the weekends, not at work, my toes would freeze).

Wow, I thought I recognized that Nordstrom - that's my Nordstrom too! I live just minutes from it. There's a Nordstrom Rack right down the street.

Keep me in mind if you're back in town, it would be fun to meet.

Suz, I SO get your tall boot frustration - I also got it in spades last year (and I tried on twice as many pairs as you did and none worked).
I think it is also a number game: the more you order the higher is the probability that something fits. If you have any US trips in the near future use them as the opportunity to order A LOT and try them on.
Montreal trip sounds like a wise move to me - 3h is not too bad. It is 1 hour longer one way than what we did on Saturday but no border crossing! You and hubby can always make it a date and have some fun as well!
On the other hand Aquatalia maybe a good move after all. Did you try them with black tights and skirts? They were not as wide in the shaft as I feared and the boot itself is sleek enough to work with the skirts- worth a try anyway.

I feel for you on the boots. My needed shaft height is about 12 inches with a 15 inch calf... sheesh. I don't think a 12-inch shaft even qualifies as "knee high" for most people. Short, athletic calves they are. Anyway, I love Rae's suggestion of mid-calf boots. What are described as "mid-calf" might actually fit calves like yours and mine.

I feel your boot search pain! I think my shoe size is too big for boots to have small calves and have lost count of the number of boots tried and rejected because they are too tall. I think I need a 15" or maybe a 15.5" shaft height and most are 16. A 14" looks odd. If anyone finds refined black dressy boots that have a 2" heel or less that isn't blocky, and 13-14" shaft width, please alert me. Rant over. Now to go look at those suggested for you.

I have the exact same problem with boots--both objectively and proportionally short calves. 14" is my ideal shaft height, and I can fudge it up to 15" but no further. I have average-width calves at 14", but since the widest part hits lower than expected on the shaft and I also wear a very small shoe size (5.5 to allow for thick socks), I try on lots of boots that are simultaneously too tight in the calf but gapping at the top.

I hope you tried the Munro booties at NAS, because the low-cut top was so very flattering on me. And they're water-resistant!

You might try the La Canadienne Passion style that Zappos has, if it drops in price (I purchased them about 2 months ago for $200) or if you can find a Canadian retailer. They were a good height for my short calves but I sadly couldn't zip them up.

Suz, do Clarks work for your feet? Try their Master series---Game for mid-calf and Gleam for tall, dressy but not waterproof I think. I tried Game on and loved it for being the right height. It wouldn't zip closed on me since I have thick cankles. Might work on your daintier leg?

Sorry it didn't work; I empathize with the tall boot issue. My calves are 12-3/4" and I swim in most boots. The ones narrow enough seem to run $600 plus so I've avoided for the past few years but this time I'm seriously considering.

The picture of all of the boxes looks all too familiar!

Please don't apologize for the length - I love reading your shopping adventure stories! On the other hand those boots should apologize for their length - the nerve of them!

Ha, Shevia, that is the attitude I need to take!

Denise, it would be really tough to find boots with a calf that slim. No wonder you have given up. Giving up is not an option in my climate. I need the boots!

Mani, I have a love/ hate relatiionship with Clarks. When a style works for me it works well, but many are somehow too loose on me. My current tall boots are Clarks and they were the best I could find. Still a bit loose in the shaft and a bit tall.

KL you have given me hope! I like the look of the Passion boot but was afraid it would be too tall based on the measurement. This is why it is so helpful to try on in person or hear from someone similar who has done so.

Joy, I hear you! I think it is not hard to find 15 inch height boots but not at the width you need!

Brenda, mid-calf may indeed be the way to go.

Sveta, thanks for the support! I'll try the Aquatalias with tights when I get home.

Betti - too bad we missed each other!

Lisa, we can be footwear challenged twins! I'm glad you found your tall boots eventually. It gives me some hope.

Rebekah - thank you for the links and examples. I will be following up to see if any work.

Glory, the Pajars look like fantastic true snow boots. I think they are a little more "outdoorsy" and warmer than what I am looking for at the moment, but I could also use something like this (probably next year) and some of the styles are really nice. Thank you for the link -- I am going to keep my eye open for this company.

Thanks again, all.

Oh no! How disappointing.