The "so far" is hopefully in jest. I just submitted my second order in 2 days.
My first order contained...;cm_ite=mu
I like that they are a slightly more refined, lace up bootie. My feet have been trending wider lately, so I ordered a wide width. Fingers crossed that they fit well.
The Barefoot Dreams wrap. I can't find the link to it now. Does that mean it's sold out? This one I bought purely on the reviews of everyone here. It didn't jump out to me on the site, but the idea really appealed to me once I saw GoldenPig's pics with it.
The halogen sleeveless tie neck blouse in black.
I've been looking for a nice, staple, tie neck blouse for a couple of years now. Maybe this will be it?
This morning I added in:
The Eileen Fisher Lantern Dress. I've admired this on fabbers in the past, but choked on the price. I figured this is my chance to try it out.;cm_ite
The Pleione Mixed Media Tunic in navy and white. I'm short on blouses right now and have been relying on assorted denim shirts for just about everything. I hope these fill in that gap nicely.
The tricky thing is my budget was $300. That's what I spent on my first order. I'm hoping that when everything arrives I'll be able to cull it back down to $300 rather painlessly. If either the boots or dress don't work, it will be simple. If I love it all I may have to do some girl math to figure this out.
I'm most nervous about the dress and boots because neither of them have been mentioned on the forum much that I could find. I'm worried that that means they're not so great in person.