I tried on so many things but was really picky this year. There is only one item I had to order and it may end up going back. Here is my list of purchases.

  1. Classsiques Entier 'Larch' Tweed & Leather Jacket -My favorite of the bunch. I love the color and the fit.
  2. EF V-Neck Stretch Knit Top - I have this in a purple color from last year and it was a work horse.
  3. Halogen Slouchy Pocket Long Cardigan - This is a wonderful length for all my long tops. I believe it will be a work horse.
  4. Lysse Seamed Ponte Knit Control Top Leggings - I needed some blue leggings for at home wear but these are a ponte knit and will likely be worn out of the house with the right tops.
  5. Halogen Pleat Leather Skirt - I had to order this. Then did not have the burgundy in my store. Depending on the fit and the feel of the leather, it may go back.

I am very happy with my purchases. I was disappointed in the shoe and bag departments. The bags were either too small or too big. And none of the shoes called my name.