Ha, Janet, that's absolutely right. No barefooting it here. All 100% necessary!! There, now I feel all better. Thank you!

Belladogga, my feet are probably medium volume. On the narrow side of medium width with a narrow heel that doesn't have a "bump" on the back (so pumps will not stay on). I have fairly high instep and arches. The Seychelles get awful reviews but I found them extremely comfortable from the second I put them on. They are quite adjustable in the back, but if you have low arches or very narrow feet the top strap might be too loose. And if you have the opposite type of foot it might be too tight.

You are fully absolved of the offense of not buying beautiful, practical footwear at incredible sale prices. Well, there's a bit of penance yet...wear and enjoy!

You live in sandals in summer - so 2 new pairs is very modest IMO.
The other two were replacements so they do not count

See, now you have room to shop more for shoes

Applause!!! All fab purchases

Great choice Suz! THese will be very useful, as their nude tone elongates the leg, opening up all kinds of hem options.

I hope to see some of these soon! Life is too short - buy the shoes!