Sweet Angie, you sure know how to make others feel great.
Fashiontern, I am in awe of the work you must have done finding these green pieces and really appreciate the care you took to find warm greens.
I like the dress but it is too short at this stage of my life. I may try it anyway with leggings as I love sweater dresses. The next to last with the deep V neckline made me laugh. I like the last sweater best and wish it were not acrylic. Thank you. I need to take a trip to a Nordstrom and hope I can see some of these and feel the fabric.

Joy, I’m so glad you liked some of them. There were more pragmatic things I brought along to do while getting an oil change, but what fun is that? Picking out warm greens was interesting. That shade does not work for me, and I was surprised how difficult it was to look for, instead of automatically moving on past it. That drapey top, all the way to your belly button, lol!

No one wants to see a 71 year old belly button ( or chest!)