Ooh, Elizabeth, I love, love, love these with the assymetrical top and shoes in your last set of pics. They look just fab on you! Your pics and Beth Ann's comment on today's blog post have inspired me to try these. You have helped me get an idea of fit as I'll need a petite for my short legs, but I am very long in the rise and don't exactly have a flat bum ;). From your pics it looks like I may still be able to make a go of the petites. Thanks for sharing your experience--and your footwear choices!

I think they look great, Elizabeth and I am thrilled to be twins with you!
I have kept both sizes for no and I am leaning towards the smaller size too. I am wearing them now to work from home for a trial and they are comfortable. Even the lower rise works for me.
We should ALWAYS listen to Angie, she knows BETTER!!!:-)

Love the fit on you...prefer shoes from #1 and top from post #2. Fun and so fashionable!!

Oh my goodness ladies, I can't believe the love for these. And to think I came SO close to returning them without giving them much of a chance! It just shows that taking a minute to style something can make the world of difference. Not to mention listening to Angie

I'm thrilled because I really did want a darker pair - hoping to get some wears in with black boots before the spring hits. And I just don't have the time, interest or for that matter places to go looking for others, had these not worked, so I'd probably have just not bothered. Well, I'd have tried the Gap.

So let's see them on the rest of you who have or are going to try them!

They look killer. Glad you're keeping them. Make sure they don't slide off!

They look great on you! I tried them on and had to go for the smaller size and the petite (I'm 5'5" and don't wear petite) to get it to look cropped.

Slide off huh Angie? Hmm.... I did have to pull the back up every once and a while. Maybe I SHOULD try a smaller size, although I can't imagine them fitting over my thighs/hips.

Better safe than sorry though, right? Will wait for the next 40% off and give them a whirl. Thanks again!