Dear YLF,

It has been some time since my last post but I have been following attentively and enjoying everyone's posts.
This has been a tumultuous and challenging year for everyone and emotions have been on a rollercoaster.
I am having a difficult time choosing the title for this post as I am also trying to understand what lesson I can take from my current approach to clothing, churn, dressing and all that goes with it.
The current resurgence of 90's fashion that I strongly identify with triggered an internal process of understanding what are the items that usually are part of my wardrobe in one version or another. This was something I already knew at some level but I went a step forward.
I would usually clean my wardrobe by giving away the items that have bad or unfortunate feelings attached to them. In the beginning of the year, even before COVID I decided to not give away things and allocate a bigger holding zone because sometimes I would feel that I would pass items that I regret passing, it was not sustainable, DD is fast approaching an age where my clothes fit her and I am starting to feel (confirmed by the whole COVID working from home situation) that my tastes and my way of dressing are determined by what I like and not necessarily by outside constrains.
So, I asked myself "What would happen if I decided to build my wardrobe with the items that bring happy memories ?". By this I don't mean just 'spark joy' but actually remind me of particular situations in which I wore these items or similar that I can take strength from no matter what.
As approaches go this was not the least expensive (and I partly blame Kate Middleton for the Massimo Dutti coat and brown pants), because I realized that there were items that didn't have in my closet but were being revisited in the stores and I really wanted to wear again.
I leave you with the Finds of some of the items that are part of my core wardrobe. I will try to post at least one outfit with the back story soon.
Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading to my musings if you got this far.
Please share your thoughts on this or on your own wardrobe if you would like.